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BreathDance is currently located in Charlottesville, VA

( formerly in Sebastopol, CA and Asheville, NC )


welcomes donations to support our work

in the world.

2015 projects will continue to focus on reaching young people through

schools and universities to insure that they understand the importance of and can

easily access the health sustaining properties of their Respiratory System.

We will be offering our programs to more children and youth with asthma, a condition

which has become a global crisis that desperately needs addressing.

30 years ago children would “grow out” of asthma, often in their teens, although this is

no longer the case. Today the number of individuals,  especially children,

who die from asthma is unprecedented and alarming.

And we are eager to see the publication of our book:


A Practical and Simple Manual for Living a Healthy and Inspired Life

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