BUTEYKO Friends & Colleagues

Buteyko Russia

Peter Kolb, Western Australia.  R.I.P. Peter, esteemed colleague and friend, December 2013

Roger Price, Southeast Australia

Chris Bauman, British Columbia, Canada

Susan Neves, Ohio, USA

Patrick McKeown, Ireland

Alex Spence, Scotland


Buteyko Breathing Educators Association

Bioneers ~ Revolution From The Heart of Nature

Weston A. Price Foundation ~ Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts

Teleosis Institute ~ Health Professionals in Service of the Global Environment

ODE magazine ~ The Online Community for Intelligent Optimists

Alive & Well ~ Institute of Conscious BodyWork

The Cornucopia Institute ~ Promoting Economic Justice for Family Scale Farming

Joseph Mercola, MD The World's #1 Natural Health Website

OTHER Friends & Colleagues

A Place To Breathe Meditation Studio

Sacred Plant Traditions ~ A Center for Herbal Studies

SE Wise Women ~ Holding a Voice for the Wise Woman Ways in the Southeast

Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine and Apothecary

Griffin’s Eye Design

Ibu Robin Lim and Bumi Sehat, Gentle Birthing in Bali, Indonesia

Dr. Tom McGuire’s Dental Wellness Institute

Dorisse teaching at the Gaia Gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, May 2009

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A few selected articles by Dorisse

Radiant Spaciality and Breath published in The Complete Breath: A Professional Guide to Health and Wellbeing - an encyclopedia of contemporary breathwork theory and practice, edited by Jim Morningstar, January 2012; click here to purchase e-book from Transformations, Inc.

Breathing For Life published in Choice Point Magazine Issue #3. It is reprinted by permission, all rights reserved, © 2011 Choice Point. Choice Point is an online-only, interactive magazine that features global coverage on personal development, understanding your world and how to make positive changes globally. For a free subscription, go to

Breathing into Truth Telling June 2011 (originally published as Learning To Do So That We Can Be in Echo Magazine, October 2011)

Sound and Light Therapy pdf download; revised September 2011

I Love The Rain January 2009

Teleosis Interview October 2004, pdf download

I Am She Summer 2004

Earth Church and Turtle Prayers Thailand May 2003
24 Hours of Mermaid Magic Thailand May 2003
Bali Memories of reverence and freedom, April 2003

Asthma and The Buteyko Method ~ A Personal Journey Breathe Magazine, 2002
The Buteyko Breathing Method ~ Physiochemical Rebalancing or Psychospiritual Practice? Breathe Magazine, 2002
I Need A Break  a true story of bone healing, and a Kahuna, 1997

Articles by others (more on the way)

Asthma is curable - why are people dying?, by Martha Magenta, What They Don’t Want You to Know About Buteykoradiant_spaciality.html