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Foundations of Wellness
dynamic transformational presentations 
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  Breathing and Optimal Health
an ongoing repeating series 
at BON Cafe in Charlottesville
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BreathDance Praxis
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   Breath and Qigong 
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I am proud to be a contributor to this excellent book ”101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health”. In it you'll find a compilation of proven strategies with reliable ways to become a healthier person. Read articles from some of the top health experts in the world: Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig (EFT developer), Dr. Julian Whitaker and more in regards to:

* Achieving Vibrant Health                 

* Breathing Correctly

* Eating Well

* Losing Weight

* Reducing Stress

  1. *Sleeping Better

* Reducing Chronic Pain

This book could change your life...

Cost US $17 includes S&H in the USA.  Purchase through PayPal or follow instructions for mail and/or cash payments to the right. Please contact Dorisse for international orders.

I’m really pleased that I have techniques I can call into play at any time that my breathing gets difficult. The breathing exercises relax me, make me extra-conscious of how I’m feeling in my body, and return me to fuller breathing. It’s so rewarding. Thank you Dorisse!

Listen to the 2012 Breathing 
Tele-Summit  Interview.mp3 
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Insomnia Relief
and Immune Strengtheninginsomnia.htmlinsomnia.htmlinsomnia.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1

                    Buteyko Presentations  and
Remedial Buteyko Breathing Class Series    BBM_talks.htmlBBM_talks.htmlrbbcs.htmlrbbcs.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0shapeimage_16_link_1shapeimage_16_link_2shapeimage_16_link_3

  The Mindful Breath


Buteyko Follow-up groups

alternate Monday evenings and Wednesdays at noon