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Testimonials and Appreciations

Dear Dorisse,  I am in a state of gratitude for your being on the planet. Thank you for sharing your wisdom - eloquently stated. Until the next time,  RC, Asheville, NC

I have experienced through Buteyko the feeling of being empowered and having absolute basic life trust in being able to reverse a potential asthma attack through a simple breath re-education, and that in itself gives me the energy and availability to be able to deal with "emotional stuff" if I need to. As I practice this way of breathing, the "emotional stuff" seems to not have as much charge, no "baggage to deal with", but more the ease with which things move through... I have been able to reverse / stop asthma episodes every time that they have come up - whether from an allergic reaction to food, vog or sugar cane burning.  This has been tremendous for me. GA, Maui, Hawaii

Hi Dorisse, It was lovely to meet you and be in the audience to enjoy your fascinatingly compelling presentation. Excellent preparation, upbeat energy, committed to your mission of getting the audience involved and simply loved the feeling of being one with you, my breath and the rest of the people in the room. Many thanks to you for your enthusiastic participation. PD, Charlottesville, VA

Hi Dorisse, I am writing to tell you thank you so very much for our breathing session. This was honestly the single most helpful medicine I have received in my 27 years. I have been doing the exercises and I can feel my asthma weakening it's hold on me. I can do things now that I couldn't do before without wheezing and needing my inhaler. One example is that I can feed hay to my horses without creating an asthmatic problem regarding mold or dust or pollen. I simply focus on my breathing--calm, from the belly, through the nose, hanging out at the bottom with that nice CO2-- it is so empowering to access these tools. Also, if I ever begin to wheeze, I can rebalance my breath with conscious breathing and the exercises, and the wheezing stops! This is such a learning experience for me in the true meaning of wellness-based medicine. I don't know how to thank you enough. I can't wait for spring to come when I typically have problems with pollen. I don't expect to be trouble-free so soon but I know how to approach the situation, and have all the tools I need to respond in a way that is HEALING!  I just want to let you know that you have changed my life. The breathing not only helps me with asthma, it helps me reduce and eliminate stress, frustration, depression-- it is truly my best tool for breaking some nasty cycles, and for maintaining the healthy ones! I appreciate your time and attention and will not forget this.

Best to you always, BC, Asheville, NC

Thank you dear Dorisse for your time and your wisdom. Your words are a pearl in the string of understanding I am building from people who love me.  Thanks thanks thanks. email from client

What this work requires is the willingness to let go of the need to understand it all (diagnoses, tests, xrays, doctors interpretations. etc in the mind), and really be open. Dorisse's teachings allowed me to understand that I was feeling so much better after practicing the eucapnic exercises, and I now also feel more confident in making an informed choice regarding my respiratory healing options and possibilities. IA, Asheville, NC 2009

THANK YOU FOR A GREAT CLASS THURSDAY. I THROUGHLY ENJOYED IT. And learned a wealth of info that I am putting into practice already....Many good thoughts to you. DS, L.Ac., Asheville, NC

I just had to email you and let you know what a difference the visit with you has made already.  I have been practicing the exercises and my anxiety levels have DECREASED DRAMATICALLY! Example:  We went up on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday.  I normally start to have panic attacks if I know that we are getting above 5,000 feet (I was traumatized in Colorado when we took a road that was only one way only to find out it went to 10,000 feet altitude and we couldn't turn back… I thought I was suffocating and got hysterical....down on the floor- horrible!. This was after my breakdown and I was very fragile.) ANYWAY, yesterday, as the car got above 5,000 feet I repeated what you said about how we always have enough oxygen.  I kept my breath low and slow and did not panic by thinking that I wasn't getting enough oxygen.  I did not hyperventilate like I usually do.  I stayed calm and went to the hightest point (6,050 feet!).  Thank you, Dorisse.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Also, I have been holding my posture better and the feeling "Sassy" is helping my low feelings of self-worth that I have experienced since my breakdown.  Wonderful by-product!  Dorisse, I am remembering many things that you said to me that in many ways were better than therapy.  You have a wonderful gift of knowing how to lovingly teach and heal. SH, Asheville, NC

Hi Dorisse, Your teaching has certainly brought me out of the darkness. I had my very best exercise experience this morning. I’m over the moon about my progress after just 4 months.   I’m being tested Monday and I truly believe I will no longer need the nightly oxygen. Thanks Again.

PM, Asheville, NC

One of the biggest times I notice the change is when I go running - my legs have never felt so light and I can run much better than I used to particularly uphill keeping my mouth closed. Anyway thanks again for the work you did with me on this it is truly liberating to be breathing so easily all the time - and not taking the Ventolin! AM, Asheville, NC

You seem to pop up in my life just as I am dealing with a breath issue again. However, I KNOW what to focus on. You gave me the answers.

MT, Berkeley, CA

Dorisse, Thanks so much for your response.  I really appreciate your work and efforts to enlighten as many people as possible about correct breathing. Real Goods, Ukiah, CA

I would like to express my gratitude for your session with me on June 29th.  It has completely changed my life.  First I would like to say that I practiced the breathing exercises two to three times daily and also walked most days while practicing minimum breathing.  After only the first three days I found that I could walk without suffering stiffness afterward which was new to me.  I suppose all this occurred due to a higher percentage of oxygen to my cells due to the increase of carbon dioxide. I decided to try doing some physical exercises and some light weight lifting and found the same results.  Also my blocked sinuses opened in just a short time, feelings of fatigue began to lessen and my energy level went up quite a bit.  I was glad that you had warned me about discomfort in the area of the diaphragm which I experienced for a couple weeks.  Diaphragmatic breathing seemed foreign to me for the first month and I felt a bit breathless when speaking for any length of time.  However, slowly all this began to change and this correct way to breathe began to feel natural and wonderful.  The control pause time started out at 15 to 20 seconds and after quite a few weeks was still only at 25 or so, but I didn't allow myself to feel discouraged, especially since I was noticing so many positive changes.  And now I am happy to say it is at 45 seconds which I know is a much healthier level and my high energy level proves it.  My husband has been happy to see this positive change in me. Thanks again for your help! With gratitude and a big hug, LS, Nelson, BC

I finally taped my mouth shut last night and could not believe how much better I felt this morning. Blessings to you, also, and to your work - may it blossom and grow, nurturing both you and the people who come to you for healing. Anonymous

Dear all, This breathing teleclass today was outstanding and fascinating. Thanks again  to Kimberlee Foster for bringing this guest to our "table", and thanks so much to those who made possible this transforming bonus class today!!! RE: reduced breathwork exercise. I read on the BreathDance site that if you hold your index finger under your nose while doing it and you can feel air, you are breathing in and out too much air (and too quickly). I have been doing the exercise all day, and although my sides are sore, my feet no longer feel stiff and sore after sitting at the computer for an hour. Marvelous magic. I believe this is because the circulation is better due to the increased CO2. Heading in a New Direction!

A.G., Wellness Therapist (webinar)

I developed adult onset asthma in my mid 50's about 4 years ago and did not want to take any steriods.  I learned about a breathing method called the Buteyko Technique.  I read a book on it and realized that this was for me.  I found a teacher right here in Sonoma County named Dorisse Neale.  I took her class and it helped my breathing issues tremendously resulting in not having to use any inhalers at all. She is a very fine human being with a great deal of integrity.  As far as I am concerned she saved my life. When I first read about this technique I tried to do it myself and was not successful.  I then started to search to find a teacher.   This technique does require a commitment and discipline.  I'm fortunate that I was highly motivated to have both of these characteristics.  Let me tell you, not being able to breathe really sucks. So anybody who has asthma, I most strongly recommend that you investigate this technique, and if you decide that you want to do it, then in my book, you won't find a better or more effective teacher than Dorisse. RR, Sebastopol

Thank you for the help you have given (my son) with his breathing difficulties. He is very positive and empowered by what he has learned and by how well he can monitor his own situation. He is quite disciplined and really follows through; he has therefore seen some very fine results. NU

I slept seven hours last night without any type of medication. It was really great. It was such a wonderful relief for me to just wake up ion the morning. This happens maybe once in several months with an ambient or something. I didn’t sleep this well for months on end. And David said he slept really well and really soundly. Thank you very much Dorisse

I have to tell you how impressed I was with the passion you exhibit in your work and the amount of knowledge that you very obviously have a grasp and understanding of.  You were inspirational for me in many ways. DC, R.N., Charlottesville, VA

I’m really pleased that I have techniques I can call into play at any time that my breathing gets difficult. The breathing exercises relax me, make me extra-conscious of how I’m feeling in my body, and return me to fuller, deeper breathing. It’s so rewarding. Thank you Dorisse!

JK, Healdsburg, CA

My 12 year old son was using approximately 10 puffs of his ventolin on a daily basis. We learned the Eucapnic-Buteyko breathing techniques and his ventolin use went down to approximately 2 puffs per day the first month. FF, Sebastopol, CA

Before learning the Buteyko technique from Dorisse, I was mouth breathing when I went up a hill, I had to sit out of dancing, my lips were always chapped and I was unable to meditate alone. Now I can walk up hills without panting, I can dance for 3 hours without needing to rest, my lips are less chapped and I am able to be more present and meditate. KE, San Anselmo, CA

Prior to taking the Eucapnic-Buteyko training course, I was using my bronchodilator 6 times a day and a steroid inhaler every day. At present I do breathing techniques only when I feel wheezy, and I use steroids only when I feel some congestion. I feel I have improved 90% over my original condition. DS, Sebastopol, CA

I would catch a cold once or twice a year. It always would turn into bronchitis and I would be sick for a month. Before coming to the course I was wheezing a lot – my doctor said I had asthma. Now, I haven’t been sick for a year. My wheezing is less. I practice the breathing techniques when I wheeze. What the training has done for me is made me aware of not breathing properly. I am more aware of catching myself with my bad breathing habits. EM, Point Arena, CA

I am enjoying increased health and better sleep. I find that in most cases I only need to breathe to control attacks, and their frequency has diminished from daily to 1-2x week. I am calmer and more able to cope with current high stress life circumstances. Bless you for teaching me this!

LF, Sebastopol, CA

One of my earliest clients (in 1999) was a 44 y/o man, who had been on anti-seizure medication for epilepsy for 30 years. After 3 months of diligently practicing and recording his Buteyko breathing sessions (one half hour 3 times a day) he was able to cut down his medication to half. He had come to me in frustration because his seizures had been increasing in frequency and his doctor's solution was to increase his medication, which he never did. from Dorisse